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Top Tools While Working From Home

With the right tools and structure, you can be just as effective working from any location.

Working from home can present a unique set of challenges.

With the right tools and structure, you can be just as effective working from any location. Excellent remote tools are built into our Total Practice Management platform. No matter where you are located, our CRM, client/team communication tools, document access, and emails are accessible to allow your practice to continue to work effectively. While working away from your normal office environment, it is important to get into a routine, structure work tasks, and utilize remote tools.

The Omniscient team is here to help you continue operating at a successful level. It is our goal to equip you with all the tools necessary to provide the best service possible to your clients. Here are some of the best remote tools to help you during your time away from the offie. If there are questions on how to utilize these tools and features, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Omniscient team.

Remote Tools

CRM: Being away from the office does not mean you will be denied access to your information. Omniscient’s platform is a cloud-based system securely accessible by any compatible internet-connected device. This provides you access to all your business and client data from your remote location. Members across your organization can continue to perform their tasks with access to the information need. This also gives management the ability to surveil records and activities that are assigned to advisors.

Email: OMail can send emails from any web browser as well as while you are working in the CRM. Omail through a URL and in the top right corner of your CRM desktop. Omniscient email and CRM integration give you the added capability to send personalized emails to multiple clients all at the same time with just a few clicks.

Document Management: Share, view, download, and upload documents you need access to from any location with OmDrive. Our secure document management system (DMS) can also tie them to a contact, household, or project. Individual client records can hold any documents related to their accounts, history, or administrative actions. When meeting with a client, an advisor can easily reference all client documents. OmDrive allows you to see all documents in one place no matter where you are.

Calendar/Tasks/Meetings: Even when working from different locations, calendars may be shared so you can keep your team on the same page. Track tasks, meetings, projects, events, and tickets in your calendar module providing you with an outline of your team’s work structure for the day, week, month, and beyond. The calendar items can be linked to other data stored in our CRM, such as contacts, leads, or accounts. Track everything and retrieve them directly through your calendar or through a contact’s activity record.

Telephone: Being out of the office does not mean you have to miss a single call. If you haven’t already, it is time for a VOIP (voice over internet) telephone system that lets you make or receive calls from your cell phone or computer as if you were in the office. You can direct the call to any internet-connected computer or phone. We recommend RingCentral as it’s functionality is integrated into CRM. RingCentral offers unlimited calling, unlimited conferencing, texting, online meetings and faxing without changing systems.

Team Communication: Working remotely can increase your email clutter if you don’t have a team communication system in place. GLIP is RingCentral’s free team messaging app that boosts work efficiency by empowering your team to communicate and collaborate in real-time. See who is online, active, and get faster responses. This reduces email clutter and improves information sharing to help keep your teams on the same page and on schedule.

Portfolio information: Current portfolio information is vital for effective action. Omniscient pulls in data directly into our remotely accessible CRM from multiple custodians daily. This gives you the ability to see all your portfolios, holdings, and transactions. View reports like performance, income, asset allocation, and daily performance right from within the application. Share reports with your team or clients all within the same platform.

Omniscient’s Total Practice Management platform is centered around our CRM tailored for financial advisors. Don’t waste anymore time and explore solutions for your practice and schedule a demo.

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