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For decades, the largest US companies have been able to take advantage of the massive talent pool of educated, credentialed and experienced employees in India. This opportunity was not available to small and mid-sized businesses due to lack of scale, contacts, knowledge and complexity – until now!

OMNI Enterprise Solutions is a dedicated virtual employee solution which may be the key to helping you control growth and its associated risk and costs because it enables us to help you simplify the most complex part of running a business – people.

How Does it Work?

OMNI maintains two service locations in San Jose, California and Ahmedabad, India. We provide a trained team of knowledge workers with expertise in the areas of operational administration, data management, bookkeeping/accounting, portfolio accounting and financial planning.

We work with you to define your needs and directly assign you a trained and competent team member who is accountable directly to you. This is beneficial to you since you have:

  • No recruiting risk
  • No HR risk
  • No management risk
  • No long term contract risk

Our virtual team members work with you virtually and securely through our unique web-based Omniscient system. This system allows for secure communications, workflows, documents and data through our encrypted work system.

You have the option of communicating with your virtual employee through email, telephone or Skype.


Operational Administration

We process all client related paperwork to ensure completeness and compliance. Once processed, we interface and coordinate with custodians, allowing you to spend more time with your clients.


  • New account and transfers
  • Account maintenance
  • Cashiering
  • Custodial alert management


  • Custodial knowledge base
  • File maintenance
  • Forms transmittal (to custodians)
  • Issue resolution


Our very own accounting experts can handle processes like approval and exception routing, month-end closings, audit trail, preparing periodic statements, etc. These resources work exactly like your in-house employees and you can take updates from them in real time.


  • Approval and exception routing
  • Shortened month-end statements
  • Documented audit trails
  • Receivable transactions
  • Credit memos
  • Refund checks


  • Custom reports
  • Employee reports
  • Break-up expenses
  • General bookkeeping
  • Customized solutions

Data Management

Data Management is critical for companies who are strongly customer-centric, or whose profits are directly impacted by their customers. Data management establishes a pattern or relationship between internal and external factors such as price and competition; or staff skills and consumer demographics. Companies then analyze this data and use the resulting information to determine key factors like revenue, price, or even cost cutting. Hire our remote dedicated Data Management Specialists. Our professionals extract data from existing database and summarize it into useful information so that it can be used for future business decisions.

Portfolio Management

OMNI Enterprise Solutions gives you fully-integrated multi-custodian platforms for managing client accounts. Our advisors are able to seamlessly communicate transaction related information and monitor accounts from all major custodians. Additional services include daily data downloads and reconciliation, performance reporting and billing through Omniscient CRM.

Financial Planning

You can enhance the overall performance of your company by hiring dedicated financial managers with OMNI Enterprise Solutions. These professionals have a proven track record of handling managerial accounting and corporate finance. We give them access to the latest hardware, software and online collaboration tools to interact extensively with you.

  • Interpretation of financial reports
  • Income tax statement
  • Review of financial health