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Our operations associates will make sure that all of your clients’ paperwork is processed in a prompt and complete manner. If issues arise, we will track down the problems and resolve them.

We manage client paperwork and record keeping requirements for you so that you can provide the highest level of uninterrupted service to your clients. When you call us with a question, you’ll connect to a live OMNI professional, not to a remote call center.

We can manage all custodial interfacing for you from new accounts to new client account transfer as well as getting your clients set up in our unique Omniscient CRM system.

We handle all maintenance issues like changes of address and cashiering. This unique level of service will ensure you can focus all your attention in client service and new client development. We will work with the custodian of your choice, then continue to support you as your full time operations team.

Administrative Support

  • Forms QA
  • Forms transmittal (to custodians)
  • File Maintenance

Operations Support

  • Cashiering
  • Custodial alert management
  • Customize client transition plan
  • Complete all paper work related to transition
  • Conduct asset review and approval
  • Establish advisor firm with custodian
  • Assist with client communications
  • Set up new accounts and transfer cost basis information as applicable
  • Trade new accounts to set to portfolios you choose


When you partner with OMNI, you get access to our entire technology suite. This integrated technology solution includes email and web hosting as well as email retention and email review solutions. Our all-in-one solution saves you the time and hassled of researching, reviewing, implementing and integrating the many technologies necessary to run a business. Our fully-integrated, multi-custodial platform that includes contact management, portfolio performance reporting, form filling, regulatory compliant document management, risk profiling, investment policy generation, a client portal, and all nightly/weekly backups for managing your clients’ accounts. Our platform continually measures and reports transaction, operational, and service based performance, so you’ll be able to easily adjust and communicate this information to your clients.

Portfolio Services include:

  • Automated client fee billing or deductions
  • Daily data downloads and reconciliation
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Historical data conversion from previous or existing through CRM platform
  • Custom portfolio reporting

OMNI also provides:

  • Built-in compliance support throughout our technology platform
  • Email hosting and archiving to fulfill regulatory requirements
  • Online document storage
  • Client vault (accessible to your clients via your website)
  • Form filling software
  • Risk profiling software
  • Client portal
  • Ongoing technology/software training and upgrades/enhancements
  • Email hosting and retention
  • Web hosting
  • Regulatorily compliant document management system
  • Regulatorily compliant back-ups
  • Regulatorily compliant cyber security


OMNI marketing professionals will help you create a cost-effective marketing strategy to establish your own unique brand of service and help your business stand out.

OMNI marketing services include:

  • Website development and hosting
  • Email marketing
  • Personalized web site design

Stationary and relationship marketing tools

Direct mail, newsletters, brochures, and postcards


Technology Solutions

A single and easy way to understand point of contact for all your technology needs in an integrated secure environment. It includes: Email hosting and retention, Web hosting, Regulatory compliant document management system, Regulatory compliant back ups, Regulatory compliant cyber security.

Middle office

Middle office and on demand services are discretionary services which can be utilized on demand by a financial advisor. These services include technology support, virtual administrative staffing, billing and data entry.

Operational Administration

Encompasses all non client facing technology and administrative functions of an advisory business that are not custodial services. These services include: Operations Administration, Portfolio Accounting, Document Administration, and Business Services such as bookkeeping, document admnistration.