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Offering basic functionality, get organized with Omniscient’s ELements technology platform designed to manage relationships with your customers. The individual advisor or small firm with 1 to 4 people.
The Pro option continues where Elements leaves off, with additional features including, Email, Document Management, Workflow, Projects, and Analytics. Allowing you to grow your firm.
The Partner edition is well-suited for more those firms want a Deeply customizable TPM (Total Practice Management) platform.

Unlimited TPM (Total Practice Management) power and support.



Contact Module

All Relationships Defined in One Place

Omniscient’s Contact Management module allows the advisor to manage and organize all the relationships and interactions with clients as well as key information about them and their activity. Additionally, this module allows you to track leads, prospects, individual contacts and their households. These contacts are fully integrated with all other features of the Omniscient and allow the user to relate individuals to organizations and organizations to one another, as appropriate.

Store your clients’ contact information, documents, track communications, and view their personal accounts all in one place. All Contact and account data rolls-up into the Household so that you can view every detail about the client, from contact information, documents, activity history, and transaction records on their individual accounts to aggregated reports for the whole household.

Tasks/Calendar Module

Track Appointments and Tasks in a Shared Calendar

The calendar module provides an individual desktop-type calendar capturing events and tasks. The calendar items can be linked to other data stored in Omniscient, such as contacts, leads, or accounts. Track meeting attendees and keep notes and retrieve them directly through your calendar or through the Contact’s Activities record.

A detailed Activity History log is available for every client. By default, a user’s calendar is set to private, and others may be able to see that an event is scheduled, but may not be able to see detailed information. Calendars may be shared as well. The calendar module is fully integrated with your Exchange account and Omniscient Contacts.

Sales Module

Monitor Your Sales Cycles and Pipelines

Manage contact information for lead clients. When won, you can easily convert them to Contacts with the click of a button. The Omniscient system supports your Sales cycle flow and allows visibility throughout the sales pipeline and manages all data and activities related to your leads.

Manage potential sales clients by tracking sales stage, probability, number of accounts and value of assets. You can track their sales orders, quotes for products & services, and anticipate future revenue with expected close dates. The Sales module also allows for multiple pipelines and sales forecasts.

Documents Module

Upload and Manage Key Documents for Your Clients

Omniscient allows users to upload documents to the Document management system and tie them to any contact, household, or project. Our DMS allows financial advisors to see their all their documents in one place making it easier than ever to see everything without leaving the Omniscient system.

Individual client records can hold any documents related to their accounts, history, or administrative actions. When meeting with a client, an advisor can easily reference all client documents from one screen.

Portfolio Accounting Module

Manage Client Portfolios Across the Firm

Client account data is imported daily from ALL major custodians. You can view various reports related to individual client accounts and aggregated household reports directly on either the Contact or Household view page.

These reports can be customized to show Account Details and Performance, Related Accounts, Holdings and Transactions, and Monthly Income. Advisors can also monitor their entire book of business, sorting accounts by size, composition, and revenue.


Integrate Omniscient With Your Software Tool Suite

Today, we provide integrations to MS Office 365, MS Exchange, Google, Stratifi, Ring Central, Portfolio Center, and Wealthkit. The Microsoft Outlook interface is very common in office environments and allows users to synchronize data between Outlook and Omniscient, including, transferring client emails to the appropriate account, and synchronizing your calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks. For additional customizations, please contact the Omniscient team.

PRO FEATURES – CORE features plus:

Email Module

Link Client Email to the Contact Module

Omniscient’s email module supports your Microsoft Exchange email account so that your client communications can be linked directly to the Contact module or compliance. Emails are never deleted so that you always have a point of reference for past client communications.

Omniscient offers a variety of methods for including email in your work with your customers, co- workers, suppliers and other contacts. You may send emails to contacts, accounts or leads directly from Omniscient and can also send a common email from Omniscient to several people at the same time. This function can be used for mass mailings to your customers or to other contacts stored in Omnisicent. Email templates and mail merge functionality is also available.

Help Desk Module

Manage Support Tickets and Cases

The Help Desk module provides ticket tracking and case functionality for service operations. Ensure that you never lose a request by tracking requests from clients, other advisors, and internal activity, all in one place.

All changes to tickets are displayed in the ticket history including who made the change, when it had been made, and what change had been made. Improve your customer satisfaction by monitoring SLAs and operational performance for efficiency.

Projects Module

Track and Manage Project Progress

Omniscient will support you in your project management activities by providing all the information necessary to plan, organize and manage resources for a successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Omnisicent’s project management is focused on collecting project specific data and its related milestones and tasks. Monitoring a project’s progress is easy from the project summary page. Integrating calendars, issues, documents, contacts and project communication, Omniscient provides a single place for all related project information.

User Access Controls

Manage User Access Across the System

Administrator screens allow for the creation of user access and security. Multiple levels of access are available to allow access for end user, management, and admins.

Access privileges to Omniscient are set by the admin when configuring the system and provide options for permission to use certain modules in Omniscient, permission to view data, permission to edit or change data, permission to delete data, and permission to import/export data.

Role based security specifies and enforces enterprise-specific security policies in a way that maps to an organization’s structure. Audit trail information can also determine what a particular user has done inside the system.

Automation and Workflow

Automate Key Business Workflows

A workflow is a depiction of a sequence of operations, declared as work for Omnisicent to perform. Custom automation can be developed to have Omniscient perform actions automatically.

The execution of workflows can be determined by a list of conditions that can be set by the user. Examples include lead or contact creation from email. You can also create Cases from email, smart alerts, automatic record updates, and update notifications. Streamline your business processes with Omniscient automation.


Use Reporting and Analytics to Manage Your Business

Omniscient provides a series of out-of-the-box solutions that can be displayed as widgets on a dashboard, or as reports. Reports and analytics can be customized to show unique insights about your business. The dashboard gives you a graphical representation of your sales and service data. The pre-defined reports can be used to get an overview of customer-related activities and to draw conclusions on how to improve your sales process.

Omniscient also provides a customer report window for you to design your own reports. Focus on a particular client, or aggregate your client information to look for trends and opportunities. Reports can also be advisor-based to allow for performance reporting or helping to highlight blindspots. Custom Analytics are also available to suit your business needs.

Marketing Automation

Manage Marketing Campaigns For Your Firm

Omniscient supports your marketing efforts with a Campaign module. Build and track your marketing campaigns, adding leads, potentials or activities to the campaign. Develop mass email campaigns or create autoresponder campaigns, by leveraging the email template library and list managers.

Web Services

Engage Omniscient to Build your Web Presence

To help with your internet presence and marketing needs, Omniscient can assist with website design, generation of content, website hosting and maintenance, and ad banners.


Leverage Reporting and Alerts to Manage Compliance Requirements

Numerous out-of-the-box reports and alerts are available to highlight out of bounds conditions or provide compliance surveillance. All alerts are customizable and custom reports may be written to assist with unique firm needs.

Back office Services

Manage Your Back Office Processes and Admin with Omniscient Services

Omniscient also offers back office services for the financial firm with a simple and straightforward approach to labor intensive accounting, finance, and tax work associated with business ownership.

Services include Advisor Billing, Performance Reporting, Client Onboarding, Advisor Operations, Portfolio Reconciliation, Financial Planning, and Accounting and Tax Preparation.


A recent financial planning technology survey highlights tools and features used by financial advisors and planners. Conducted in December, 2018, the survey indicates results that support Omniscient’s product direction.

Tools Used By Advisors

Tools Used By Advisors

Omniscient combines CRM, Client portal, Portfolio management, document management, and Compliance, and additional features into one tool.