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About Omniscient

Financial services organizations and advisors (registered representatives and investment advisors) are faced with making quick decisions that are reliable, factual, and bring comfort to clients. To accomplish this, numerous business applications are available. However, these solutions are costly, challenging to learn, not integrated, and duplication of data is prevalent. Independent financial firms and advisors cannot survive, compete and grow without the right technology. Omniscient has focused on these challenges and addressed them with a consolidated, easy-to-use, and industry-targeted offering.

Omniscient is built to integrate a financial firm’s business and client data into a single database offering our users a solution that will automate 80% of their business activities. Artificial intelligence leverages this proprietary database architecture to provide unique business and customer insight and analytics not available from any competitor. By integrating the function and data of critical business tool with the power of portfolio reporting, sales flow, marketing tools, document management and customer relationship management, using a SaaS delivery approach, we are positioned to deliver a best in class solution to the financial services industry serving a large and rapidly growing market.


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